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St. Petersburg Cello Ensemble was created by Professor A.Nikitin, the head of St.Petersburg cello school, in 1975 and consists only of his best pupils. Among the motives was the very idea of a "cello choir" - a very rare and unusual ensemble with a rich artistic potential.

Only a few years after the Ensemble had been created, it gained love and recognition of the audience not only in St.Petersburg, but far beyond it. Its performances have been broadcast by local and national radio and television. The Ensemble has released two records (in Russia) and three CD's (in Japan). Since the end of the 1980-ies it has made many tours abroad and achieved international recognition. lt has performed in the most prestigious concert halls of the world. In Japan, it began the tour in the famous Suntory Hall. A Swiss paper announced the forthcoming visit of the Ensemble under the title:"Our Guests-World Famous Musicians.Ten Cellists of the Renowned St.Petersburg Ensemble". A Bulgarian conductor Emil Chakyrov invited the Ensemble to take part in his "New Year Musical Festival". The Ensemble has performed in many countries of the world (Germany,France,Switzerland,Bulgaria,Finland,Italy and Japan) and it has been an unequivocal success everywhere. The papers note in the Ensemble's performances "unity of the school and a unique ensemble interaction", "captivating nuances of the sound,a varied musical technique and a vivid performance", "technical brilliance and a feeling of inspired playing".

In 2012 for the music achievements Saint-Petersburg Cello Ensemble was given a Saint-Petersburg Goverment Literature, Art and Architecture Purse.

The repertoire of the Ensemble has been constantly enriched with works created specially for it by Russian and foreign composers. Many of these works are dedicated to the Ensemble.
A.Nikitin's Cello Ensemble is a most unusual artistic collective possessing of a number of unique qualities. For 30 years it has been giving concerts and has become widely popular as a constantly functioning, permanent ensemble of professionals with an excellent reputation and an invariably high level of performance. The quality of sound is invariably great, though, as are the demands placed upon the members of the Ensemble. They all introduce St.Petersburg cello school and this creates wonderful harmony, so characteristic of the Ensemble at all the levels-from the technique and culture in handling the sound to the level of interpretation and unity of artistic intentions.

During the history in ensemble take part such cellists, as A. Nikitin, L. Gorokhov, S. Roldugin, K. Kravtsov, L. Fishkov, M. Burovik, A. Massarsky, S. Novikov, N. Vasiliev, A. Vasiliev, V. Atapin, M. Lezdkan, K. Marini, Ya. Cherenkov, S. Slovachevskiy, D. Hrichev, K. Timofeev, M. Degtyarev, N. Matveev, T. Trepel', K. Arhipov, I. Korenev, I. Mnatsakanov, D. Yanov-Yanovskiy, A. Larin, E. Kogan, N. Gulitskiy, A. Kudryavtsev and others.

Piano: I. Nikitina, I. Dzektser, A. Richkova.

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Saint-Petersburg Cello Ensemble


St. Petersburg Cello Ensemble

Dmitry Eremin (Principal)
Evgeny Pilipchuck
Alexei Jilin
Dmitry Ganenko
Anton Andreev
Pavel Churilov
Daniil Briskin
Axel de Jenlis
Andrei Smirnov
Yaroslav Georgiev
Artem Taman'yan
Andrei Efimovskiy
Dmitry Berezin

Inga Dzektser (piano)
Anna Richkova (piano)