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Interview with Rodion Schedrin


Above all, I am glad that Dmitry Eremin is turning to my music once again: he has already done it several times,and every time it was brilliant!
He had wonderfully played my violoncello Concert, recently I have heard how he played my "3 merry pieces". It brought me simply great joy! How interesting it was, how brilliant, bright and musical! And the Concert was performed by him with so mush intensity and beauty! And here is a new premiere for Saint-Petersburg citizens, my "Parabola Concertante" for Violoncello, string orchestra and solo Kettle-drums part. The composition is brand new, it was written only a year ago. It was ordered by Kronberg Festival, Germany. Kronberg city (it is a suburb of Frankfurt) is considered to be the capital of world violoncellists. And the first performer of this composition was Slava Rostropovich. And this composition is dedicated to him. After this, he performed this composition a number of times both in Europe and America. He also played in Paris, and I attended that concert, in Versailles, in the Royal Palace, in Philadelphia. After this concert, Dima's colleague D.Geringas played it in Finland, in London. Generally within a year, this composition was heard for a number of times. But of course, the first night in Saint-Petersburg, moreover in the days of anniversary, my birthday, which shall be celebrated - it shall be a great - really great and significant present for me. I anticipate with pleasure, how this composition can be performed by D. Eremin, knowing the "fineness" of his playing, his masterly technique, and most of all his soul, which is so evident that audience freezes in tension.

I'd like to say a few words about this composition: at first I have thought that it is a sort of a Parable. "Parabola Concertante" is its English name, and in Russian it would sound simply like Concert Parable. The violoncello solo part is a story of life of a man with a difficult destiny, with a whole number of his sorrows, vital and spiritual catastrophes. And the orchestra sort of illustrates all these life episodes of the hero, which we can hear played by the violoncello solo. It narrates, sometimes sighing, lamenting, crying and grieving. I am not going to raise your hopes, this composition is not very cheerful. The part of kettle-drums, by the way, is really difficult, almost as difficult as the part of violoncello. Only in Paris the kettle-drum player was of such grade, that Rostropovich took him out to the stage and introduced him to the audience - he had a great success. I hope that in Saint-Petersburg the kettle-drum player will be of the highest grade. I am really sorry that I won't be able to attend this performance. It happens that these days I'll have a premiere in America - it shall be a composition for the whole evening with the New York Philharmonic Society. But knowing Dmitry Eremin, knowing his talent, I am sure that it would be interesting for the audience! Come, dear friends, to listen to this composition. I hope that you won't be disappointed by the composer nor, most of all, by the soloist of this performance. I like his initiative! Pushkin once said that we were lazy and lacked curiosity. He is not lazy, and he is curious! It gives us hope that the new generation will not follow Pushkin's forecasts and will be neither lazy nor incurious.


year 2002


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